Coach Carl Rose

Founding club member and coach Carl Rose has helped runners transcend their racing goals for decades. In the 1980s he worked with students in the University of California’s ROTC program while competing as a Cal walk-on. In 1994, Carl relocated to Boulder, Colorado to train and write. He spent a decade as a competitive runner and sports writer with the Denver Post, and thoroughly absorbed the training wisdom of elite coaches and runners in numerous interviews and seminars.

Carl brings meticulousness, electricity and sincerity to his coaching, successfully incorporating a multi-phase and multi-speed template adapted from principles of head coach and primary mentor Mark Wetmore at the University of Colorado. He also accounts for unique training responses in a positive group training environment.

Over 90% of Carl’s athletes have established personal bests in events ranging from the 200-meter dash to the 100K, and from ages 17 to 60+. Carl has developed several athletes and teams who have qualified for, competed well in, and emerged victorious in collegiate, national, international-level events.

Under Carl’s expert training, the club has won numerous PA-USATF grand prix titles and team awards, and remains to this day an inspired group, well supported by his energy and guidance.