11/28 – McKinley Is Done


As all of us well-educated members of the running community know, Alan Webb is done. So, by the transitive property of temporal greatness, from Jonathan McKinley’s defeat at the 2013 Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, we infer that Jonathan McKinley is done. I’m not sure exactly what he’s done with – his crazy impressive fall season, tearing pages out of our club record book, or maybe running with us washed-up ex-runners (surely Cal has noticed The Man On Fire and his fat, tasty slice of NCAA eligibility) – but his 14:30 is certainly on the shady side of Webb’s 13:57.

Oh wait, Webb is back? Hot diggety, I guess that means Jonathan ran pretty good.

Race Finishers Race Place Bib Name Team Name City Country Age Chip Elapsed Time Pace Division Div Place Gender Gender Place
1 8 DAVID TORRENCE NIKE OAKLAND US 27 00:13:33.849 04:22 Elite Male 1 M 1
2 10 DIEGO ESTRADA ASICS MEXICO 23 00:13:37.952 04:23 Elite Male 2 M 2
3 2 LEONARD KORIR NIKE KENYA 26 00:13:40.441 04:24 Elite Male 3 M 3
4 4 SHADRACK BIWOTT SRA ELITE/ MARATHONGUIDE .COM FOLSOM US 28 00:13:46.817 04:26 Elite Male 4 M 4
5 26 COLE ATKINS ZAP FITNESS/REEBOK BLOWING ROCK US 27 00:13:51.972 04:28 Elite Male 5 M 5
6 14 NELSON OYUGI AMERIKENYAN RUNNING CLUB KENYA 21 00:13:55.679 04:29 Elite Male 6 M 6
7 6 ALAN WEBB NIKE BEAVERTON US 30 00:13:56.164 04:29 Elite Male 7 M 7
8 12 MONDER RIZKI BRUXELLES BELGIUM 34 00:14:03.794 04:31 Elite Male 8 M 8
9 34 RILEY MASTERS BROOKS VEAZIE US 23 00:14:08.482 04:33 Elite Male 9 M 9
10 22 JACOB CHEMTAI AMERIKENYAN RUNNING CLUB KENYA 21 00:14:11.543 04:34 Elite Male 10 M 10
11 16 PHILLIP REID ASICS AGGIE RUNNING CLUB SAN LUIS OBISPO US 28 00:14:13.254 04:35 Elite Male 11 M 11
12 40 CHRIS GOWELL ADIDAS/ROGUEAC GREAT BRITAIN 27 00:14:17.670 04:36 Elite Male 12 M 12
13 38 DEVIN MONSON ROGUE ATHLETIC CLUB AUSTIN US 23 00:14:20.301 04:37 Elite Male 13 M 13
14 30 MATTHEW CLOWES GREAT BRITAIN 23 00:14:20.569 04:37 Elite Male 14 M 14
15 50 MATTHEW MALDONADO UNATTACHED EUGENE US 23 00:14:24.233 04:38 Elite Male 15 M 15
16 44 JESÚS ROMO NEW BALANCE SILICON VALLEY SAN FRANCISCO US 25 00:14:27.003 04:39 Elite Male 16 M 16
18 28 MATT CLEAVER ROGUE AC AUSTIN US 23 00:14:29.195 04:40 Elite Male 18 M 18
19 220 Jonathan McKinley 21 00:14:29.334 04:40 PA/USATF Championship Males 1 M 1
20 204 NOHE LEMA SAN JOSE CA 22 00:14:30.929 04:40 PA/USATF Championship Males 2 M 2
21 208 MALCOLM RICHARDS WEST VALLEY TC SAN FRANCISCO CA 31 00:14:36.536 04:42 PA/USATF Championship Males 3 M 3
22 18 NICHOLAS KIPRUTO KENYA 29 00:14:41.533 04:44 Elite Male 19 M 19
23 56 SERGIO GONZALEZ CALIFORNIA RUNNERS MAMMOTH LAKES US 27 00:14:42.214 04:44 Elite Male 20 M 20
24 42 CARL STONES ROGUE ATHLETIC CLUB AUSTIN US 23 00:14:43.227 04:44 Elite Male 21 M 21
25 36 AUSTIN BUSSING ADIDAS ROGUE AUSTIN US 23 00:14:45.551 04:45 Elite Male 22 M 22

Read more: http://www.letsrun.com/forum/flat_read.php?thread=5508745&page=1#ixzz2m4PebfGM


11/24 – SCTC Represents At Local Half

None of the news roll’s authors were present at the race, so one of the following fine folks should write an article!
Chafik Azerki 1:14.07 (9th overall, 1st master 40-44 AG) Masters PR
Ryan Smith 1:15.26 (15th overall, 1st 19-and-under AG) PR
Andrew Willis 1:15.42 (PR)
Steve Kraft 1:21.16 (1st 50-54 AG) Seniors PR
Justin Huang 1:22.10
Alberto Tempio Bonda 1:28.35
Jan Peters 1:29.10 (PR)
Zachary Stauffer 1:29.36 (PR)
Steve Trutane 1:38.12
Justin Lee 1:43.22
Maria Monks 1:24.37 (8th overall) PR


10/20 – 100m Trees, 21.1km Race



This weekend, a small contingent of Strawberries put the “intrepid” in “intrepid,” venturing a hundred miles north to the fantastical Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Six open runners and five masters toed the starting line of the 35th annual Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon, completely missing the point of visiting the tallest trees in the world as they gritted through 13.1 miles with their heads down and eyes pointed not at the majestic canopy, but at the asses of the people ahead of them.

On the open men’s side, Dan Chebot led the way with his 21.1K debut, gritting through a mostly solo race in 1:11:17 for 11th place overall. David Yu followed four minutes later in 1:15:44, failing to treat the run as a long run as might have been smart for running 30 miles a week. Brandon Brown crossed the line in 1:25:08 in preparation for NYC two weeks down the line.

For the open women, Katy Hollbacher avenged her injury from last year with a 1:27:10, good for 25th overall. Naomi Wilcox notched the blingiest hardware of the day, submitting a 1:30:28 to win the really-young-folks division and earn a beer bottle of juice. Kim Sanchez rounded out the women’s side with a great PR of 1:31:37.

As usual, the master’s men won the team award for getting their act together, with a full scoring team of five warriors. Tim Keenan led the way in 1:19:44, finishing third in the senior devision despite being struck down with a sideache and having to walk the last mile. Second in scoring was the only actual master’s division runner Bill Salacuse (1:22:00), followed by Jeff Teeters (1:25:46), Thom Trimble (1:26:45), and Alan Dehlinger (1:37:45). The elder Strawberries finished third in master’s scoring, despite four of five actually being seniors. Actually, if you guys do enter the senior divison, you’d destroy the competition and walk away with a grand…$65.

Nice work to everyone who ran!


DanChebot DavidYuTimKeenan BillSalacuse BrandonBrown JeffTeeters2 ThomTrimble

KatyHollbacher NaomiWilcox KimSanchez Alan


8/17 – Strawberries Dominate Early Season XC

Taking advantage of the competition’s early season sleepiness, the Strawberries have come out in force for the 2013 cross country campaign, notching three big, fat Ws: two for the team, and one for Dan “hungry and foolish” Duett!

The Canyon opened up the season at the 13th Annual UC Santa Cruz Invite. The report from Sean “Scottish rallying cry” McFarland:

Hail Canyoneros!

This past weekend signaled the official kick-off of the season with a bucolic race among the upper forests of UC Santa Cruz’s campus. Seven athletes made the trip down, including a full open men’s squad of five, and lone female and senior warriors.

The female’s race marked Christy’s debut performance. Amidst an unexpectedly stacked field for this early in the season, she narrowly nicked the 26 minute mark, finishing 16th overall in a respectable 25:55.

Next up, the master’s race found Strawberry Stalwart Bill Brusher toeing the line. He battled through to an impressive 31:43, good for ~13th among the Super-senior crowd.

Finally, the open men’s race, a hastily slapped together affair, ironically witnessed the fielding of one of its strongest teams since 2011. Capitalizing on a sleepy field devoid of the stiff later-season competition, the group cruised to a relatively uncontested 1st place team finish. The effort was led by Dark Horse Dan Duett (4th, 21:20), who stepped up last minute to come out of hiding in San Francisco and dish out some serious smack-down. He was tailed by yours truly (6th, 21:29), the Clydesdale Joe Binder (7th, 21:43), the new and impactful Kris Brown (8th, 21:45),  and the wily Will Chen (12th, 22:17), who battled through cramps and a rough end to summer finals week to round out the scoring.

‘Twas a great initial showing for the Canyon after a somewhat downtrodden 2012 season. Much greater challenges await as the season heats up and the competition gets fierce, and I hope to see even more of you out there to share it with in the future! If you’re not yet on the open men’s/women’s competition e-mail list and want to be, please send me an e-mail so I can add you and keep you in the loop!

Congrats to all the early season racers!


5/5 – Car(l) Trouble

Hi everyone,

I have a few messages to pass on from adventurer-Carl, who took his Mini on the road this weekend and ended up stranded in this terrible-sounding place called “Los Angeles.”

1. Congratulations to Jon McKinley for setting (another) club record in the 1500m! His 3:58.45 was good for eighth in his heat, and 38/80 overall at the ridiculously stacked Oxy Invite

I think this is the third occasion in a Bubka/Isinbayenva-esque season that the 1500m record has been broken, so way to milk it for all it’s worth, Will and Jon 🙂


2. Results from the Portola 5K are already up at http://www.sml1.com/norcalstat/Other/5k4play13_res.htm. Representing The Canyon in the valley were the usual army of masters, the stalwart Julia, and yours truly:

Name Overall Age Gun time Chip time Pace

Julia Gullikson 19 1 19:30 19:26 6:16


David Yu 12 8 15:52 15:51 5:07

Kevin Downie 28 3 17:05 17:04 5:30

Tim Keenan 38 1 17:29 — —

Dan Sivolella 58 8 18:13 — —

Bill Salacuse 68 9 18:39 — — (were none of you guys wearing chips??)

Thom Trimble 75 7 18:51 — —

Jeff Teeters 78 8 18:56 18:53 6:05

At first glance, it looks like the masters team finished 3rd behind the Aggies and Excelsior, edging out Pamakids.

3. Workouts for the week will be posted here by tomorrow. Carl probably won’t be back in Berkeley by tomorrow evening, so it’s up to your personal discretion how much suffering to inflict on yourself.

Nice work, everyone!


07/09 – World Masters Day 1

Hi All,

Results from today in Sacramento, 800 qualifiers. In each heat, the top 3 go through plus the 6 best times.  Sorry if I missed anybody but these are the times I know of today:


17 Bogdanowicz, Matthew     M42 United States          2:06.12q


12 Mann, Jeff               M48 United States          2:12.06Q


41 MacLeod, Ian             M51 United States          2:40.82


39 Brusher, Bill            M59 United States          2:52.60

Matt went through to the second round comfortably on time, coming in 5th in his heat in a strong group with the top 3 in his heat at 2:02.+ with Heilpern #1 overall at 2:02.64.  Matt had a strong second lap to make up a gap between him and the leaders.  He should be in a good position to go through to the final with a strong race in the semifinal.

Jeff qualified comfortably as well, even though coming off a reduced training month due to a hammie strain at the San Rafael mile.  The first lap was slow, Jeff and the leaders at about 70 s. but he picked it up considerably in the second lap running a very fast 62 s. to slot in easily at third.

Perhaps unwisely, but I couldn’t resist, I decided to race after not training for the last month and a half due to a sore hamstring.  I had a great warm up, doing several all out sprints to test the legs, which felt fine, so I decided to go for it.  I had the bad luck of being in heat 6 of my age group, so I had to spend about 40 minutes in the call area waiting for my heat to start, during which everything stiffened up a bit.  I ran the first lap fairly slowly, about 70 s. and was thinking about making a move on the backstretch to at least make things respectable when I got another twinge in my left hammie as I was passing the guy in front of me, so instantly backed off and basically jogged into the finish and walked across the finish line.  Damn!  I wasn’t even winded!  After looking over the final results in my age group, with some guys qualifying at 2:18+ and another heat with the top 3 guys coming in at 2:28+, I figured that on a normal day with healthy legs, it wouldn’t  have been too hard to qualify for round two.

Bill had a tough race too, fighting a sore achilles, but is still eager to come back for the 1500 in the coming week.  Like he said, a year ago he was battling cancer, and is just happy to be here, so we are all proud of him for hanging in there!

Overall, despite my anemic result, this is the best meet I have ever participated in.  The atmosphere is great, the events run like clockwork, it is fun rubbing shoulders with terrific, passionate athletes from around the world who are the world’s best, I got to practice my rudimentary Spanish with a runners from Spain and Chile, and had lots of other convivial interactions with English-speaking athletes from around the world.  I also had the privilege of meeting the legendary Nolan Shaheed, who, judging from my short conversation with him, is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

Who is up for Brazil in 2013?!




Zazzle Dazzle! Four Strawberries Get Chick’d At Bay To Breakers

Aiming to catch the partiers with their pants down and coverlets up, Zazzle fired the commencement cannon at a cheery 6:55AM to start the 100th Annual Bay to Breakers 12K. Four of us, David “Fell for it” Yu, Jack “Plague” Wallace, Dan “Harroufi” Sivolella and Rob “Shoryuken” Elia, hauled ourselves onto the BART before 6:00AM for the occasion.

What happened after the gun went off? Well, I really can’t say. Merga, Harroufi, Meb and company took off like they were being chased by a tiger (a.k.a. me). I tried to hang with the Asics “VarneredUp” centipede, but bit the dust hard on the Hayes Street Hill. The combination of woke-up-at-5:00AM and hit-the-wall-four-miles-before-the-finish pretty much erased my memory of the morning, so here’s what Zazzle has to say:
43 13 40 Yu, David 39:39
226 62 203 Wallace, Jack 47:18
96 ?? 85 Elia, Rob 42:54
199 30 179 Sivolella, Dan 46:34

In other words, David got girled by 3 women, Rob by 11, Dan by 20, and Jack by 23. Better luck next time, fellas!

02/06 – All Comers Season Begins

2011 has kicked off with some impressive performances at the local All Comers meets. At the second Cal All-Comers, Greg Timblin started the day with a PR in the 800m, running 2:04.64, and doubled back a few hours later to establish a new club record in the two mile! Losing to only one high schooler, his time of 9:28.52 knocks Rick Baldocchi’s 9:29 from 1984 back to second place. The other early season PR set on the day came from Linda Dix-Cooper, whose 62.9s quarter broke her old 400m PR by some 6 seconds.

02/06 – Long Distance Road Racing

Several Canyonites, whose dismal footspeed precludes them from racing high schoolers over short distances, instead kicked of their spring 2011 campaigns at long distances road races. The Kaiser SF Half Marathon, by any measure the most competitive in many years, fooled most of us with beautiful conditions at the starting line; in the shade of Golden Gate Park, the mid-sixty degree day promised quick times. Not so! Cornering out of the park onto the Great Highway near mile 7, the suddenly unshaded sun hit every runner like a flood of molasses. As intimated by Tom Haxton, the last three miles were, well, a pretty good cooldown.

Tom finished first for the Strawberries, registering 7th place in 1:11:25. David “Sam Robinson” Yu failed to take it easy in 1:13:55 (10th); Dan Sivolella’s 1:23:37 (89th) continued to ramp up the pressure on Carl; Bill followed close behind in 1:24:49 (110th); and Mokhtar Sharza rounded out the Strawberry contingent in 1:34:49 (410th).

The Davis Stampede saw a club record and a victory. Rebecca Eckland took down Riva Rahl’s club 10K record, placing 2nd in the women’s race and 4th overall with a time of 37:09. Tim Keenan performance inspired Carl to create a new club record category: “Oldest outright race winner.” Yes, Tim Keenan won the race outright, and his 35:49 sits high and mighty atop the results. Nice work, Stampeders!

12/21 – A Holiday Miracle (mile and 5K)

The San Francisco “Miracle Mile and 5K” might have been the lowest-key (and worst organized) race attended by Strawberries this year, but at least one Strawberry showed up with his game face on. The mile started some 15 minutes late, which we enjoyed by freezing in the rain. Adversity doesn’t faze a man such as Nathan Leefer, though, who tried to follow HorseCow runner Jeff Wilson through an opening 60-second quarter. And though he never caught Jeff, who rolled to a 4:20 finish, Nathan recorded a new PR in 4:27; David Yu followed in 4:33.

Ten minutes later, the race organizers decided that we had had enough of a break, and fired the “gun” (read: a guy shouting “Go!”). We followed some high school heroes through half a mile, then Tom Haxton decided to demonstrate his sheer power and gunned to the front. There he stayed for the latter two miles, garnering a nice pile of loot for his 16:01 finish. David followed in 16:05, and Nathan celebrated his new mile PR with a 16:23.