1/15 – Spring Racing Begins – Join Us This Season!

The spring track and road race season is fast approaching, but the Berries have been steadily preparing, logging base mileage and returning to the track for weekly workouts to shake off the rust. 

As always, we’ll be out at Cal’s Edwards Stadium track in Berkeley every Monday and Thursday at 6pm. Mondays feature interval work, meant improve speed and turnover, while Thursdays are tempo days, focusing on building endurance. We always welcome newcomers and friends to stop by to check out a few practices or drop in for a session!

It’ll be a busy season of racing, with track meets or road races almost every weekend. A full list of races can be found on our Calendar page, and a subset of key races through the end of May is listed below. Keep up with the latest from our races right here on our blog, and also on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We look forward to seeing you out there this season!

2018 Spring Racing Schedule

Key Track meets and Road Races

  • January 20th / February 3rd / February 17th: Cal All-Comers, open track meets in Berkeley
  • February 4th: Super Sunday Run 10k, PAUSATF Grand Prix in Sacramento
  • March 3rd: NorCal John Frank Memorial 10 mile, PAUSATF Grand Prix in Redding
  • March 10th: Aggie Open, open track meet in Davis
  • March 11th: Reach for a Star 5k, PAUSATF Grand Prix in Brisbane
  • March 17th: Hornet Open, open track meet in Sacramento
  • March 30th-31st: SF State Distance Carnival, open track meet in Hayward
  • April 8th: SACTOWN 10 mile, PAUSATF Grand Prix in Sacramento
  • April 13th-14th: East Bay Invitational: open track meet in Hayward
  • April 27th: Brutus Hamilton Open: open track meet with entry standards in Berkeley
  • April 29th: Stow Lake Stampede 5k: PAUSATF Grand Prix in San Francisco
  • May 5th: Sacramento State Open: open track meet with entry standards in Sacramento
  • May 6th: Devil Mountain Mile of Truth: PAUSATF Grand Prix in Danville
  • May 12th: Oxy Invite: open track meet with entry standards in Los Angeles
  • May 20th: Bay to Breakers: classic road race in San Francisco 

9/12 – LeGan Runs Club’s All-Time Top Performance

The club achieved its new high-water mark in our all-time track and field accomplishment list when Tom LeGan roared to an unprecedented 4:32.80 mile on Sept. 12, 2017 at age 51. His stratospheric 94.06% age grading performance claimed the club’s top-ranked performance in history, and was the equivalent of an open 3:56.7 mile.

After missing months of training in the early part of the year, Tom cleaned up well and had finally started to show signs of getting fit, but was it too late? It appeared that the track season was totally lost, but Tom started feeling solid right as the Los Gatos summer All-Comers meets were drawing to a close, and he dusted off the rust with a 4:45 mile against virtually no competition in July.

In the last scheduled Los Gatos All-Comers meet of the season, ill fortune struck. The meet was hastily canceled at the last minute due to an inopportunely timed high school band photo shoot. Undaunted, Tom’s sons, Carlo and Rosino, had both made the journey up to Los Gatos to watch their pops take his time down and since there was no actual race, they pushed Tom to just go for it and rip it in a time-trial. Though he invariably eased off in the middle of the race due to the lack of competition, he still managed to blow out an unofficial 4:38.7 mile, and Tom sensed he had a few more seconds in him with proper competition.

We all shared in the same emotion – what a frustrating way to end the season! It had seemingly ended before Tom could even really show his stuff, and we were looking at a disappointing off-season of “what ifs.” But all was not lost, as Coach Carl and the club’s resident masters track guru Matt Bogdanowicz, did a little research and realized that the Tamalpa Running Club had its last all-comers meet on September 12th!

So off we went to the underrated track at Terra Linda High School on a balmy, slightly breezy evening. Leaving nothing to chance, we recruited two club members as pacers, Ben Harper and Ryan Smith, with the goal of helping Tom break 4:30- a highly audacious goal given his fitness level, only five seconds off of Nolan Shaheed’s existing world record of 4:25.04. Going back into the crates of yore, Tom also sported a 4:05 (mile) and 1:48.98 (800-meter) PR from his college days, plus ran a formidable 9:07 for 3200 meters in high school, so he clearly has an excellent pedigree.

With the race underway, pacers Ryan and Ben smoothly clicked through the first lap in 67 seconds as Tom hung doggedly on their heels. When they reached the 800 in 2:13 and Tom still looked smooth, everyone in attendance realized that this was in fact not a laughing matter, and you could sense the crowd’s electricity at that point. By the time Ben and Ryan had towed Tom through the third lap in 3:20.46, pandemonium had ensued as everyone, friends and rivals, had gotten to their feet and started yelling for Tom at the top of their lungs. Tom did fall off rather abruptly in the last lap (a 72.36) but this massive effort showed that, with more strength, he could have held or exceeded that pace.

LeGan being paced by Smith and Harper 400m in. Photo by Franklin Ruona.

This performance took everything he had, but he was really not at 100% given the months of missed training. Between that and the fact that he is now training with the young guys in Berkeley for Monday’s speedy track workouts, it’s a safe bet that the record is in the cross hairs for next spring…if we can keep him healthy, always a big if for those seniors runners. But…with that said, watch out for Tom LeGan, the hype is going to be building before we know it.

Whatever happens going forward, this was an international-class mark for the ages – and Masters Track (out of North Carolina) did in fact put together a write-up of Tom’s race. Kudos remains in order for his legendary performance.

Written by Coach Carl Rose.

5/21 – Peet’s Cold Brew Centipede Runs Bay to Breakers

Peet’s Cold Brew Centipede in Golden Gate Park. Photo by Kim Sanchez.

Strawberry Canyon Track Club kicked off its new partnership with Peet’s Coffee at the 2017 Bay to Breakers this week, running as the Peet’s Cold Brew Centipede. 

15 Berries tied themselves together for the legendary 12km race across the city of San Francisco. With a time of 42:45, Peet’s Cold Brew Centipede finished 3rd in the centipede division.

Jonathan Briskman, Ryan Smith, Paul Green, Geoff Leonhardt, Dylan Verner-Crist, Dan Kramer, Colin Gannon, Matt Weber, Jack Wallace, Mitch Negus, Ed Hill, Chafik Azerki, Kevin Petow, Ryan Lok, and Kyle Dunn ran on the ‘pede.

Heading into the summer, Strawberry Canyon will have a strong presence at the upcoming local road race classics, including the Marin Memorial Day 10k and Wharf to Wharf.

1/16 – Spring Season Begins for SCTC

As Cal students head back to class this week, track season kicks into full swing for Strawberry Canyon Track Club.

The spring season features a full docket of track and road races. Strawberry Canyon is one of the few public running clubs in the region in which many runners focus the season on track races – it is an excellent opportunity to get in some speed work and work towards lifetime PRs. The racing season officially kicks off January 16th at our home track with the first of three Cal All-Comers Meets. The season will continue with meets nearly every weekend all the way through mid-May, concluding with the USF West Coast Last Chance Meet. See our calendar for the full list of meets we will be attending.

The coming months will also feature a slew of road races which are well attended by SCTC runners. Club favorites including the Kaiser Permanente SF Half Marathon, Oakland Running Festival, and Bay to Breakers headline the spring road race season. The Pacific Association Road Race Grand Prix for 2017 will also start in early March at the NorCal John Frank Memorial 10-Mile. A select list of key road races can also be found on our calendar.

If you are new to the area or are local and looking for a friendly and dedicated group to train with, feel free to come out to any of our practices! Track workouts take place every Monday and Thursday at Cal’s Edwards Track in Berkeley. We meet at the steeplechase pit on the north end of the track, arrive around 5:45 to warm up, and start workouts promptly at 6pm. We also regularly meet for long runs on the weekends, and as the weather warms, we will find our way to the most beautiful trails and running routes the Bay Area has to offer. Contact us directly if you would like to learn more, be added to our email list, or have any additional questions!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and on our NEW Instagram account to stay up to date with our latest adventures.

See you out there.



8/23 – Open Time Trial to be held August 31st

On Wednesday, Aug. 31st starting at 5:15, the Strawberry Canyon Track Club will host three sections of its well-regarded 5000-meter time trial as well as a 600-meter event. This is open to the public, plus runners from other clubs.

This fun and high-energy event brings the club together as well as runners from around the community. We are going to try and bring in both a massage therapist with a chair or table as well as a yoga instructor to keep people engaged. We will also have timers and possibly someone on hand to film this event. (Drone footage not ruled out)!

Runners may opt to run the 3200 meter distance in lieu of a 5000 and pull off the track after 8 laps. There will also be a 600-meter event for aspring middle-distance runers..

Schedule of events is as follows:

5:15 p.m.: 600-meters – open to all, one section

5:20 p.m. Section 1: A sub-19:00 section designed for the women attempting to walk on which will also have similarly paced men and masters runners, probably topping out at the sub-17:00 range..

5:45 p.m. Section 2: We’ll probably cap it at a low-16:00 benchmark, and we expect a few guys will be in the hunt to break 15:00.

6:10 p.m. Section 3: Open race for people at all ranges of ability. Some relatively fast people enter this and it normally spreads out a bit and ranges from 16-22 minutes.

Parking is a little iffy but Edwards track is two blocks from downtown Berkeley BART. Its entrance is about 150 meters up Schlessinger Rd. off of Oxford St., and its access point is just past the tennis courts. Do not park on campus, you’ll pay a pretty penny there. Parking meters run till 6:00 p.m. and you do want to plug those. Water fountain and restroom is available, gear storage is not.

Any further questions, contact Strawberry Canyon TC coach Carl Rose at coachcarlrose AT gmail DOT com.

Thom Trimble RIP 1959-2015


From the PAUSATF website: “Thom Trimble at the 2009 California International Marathon where, at age 50, he finished in 2:48.”

Our club has been absolutely devastated by the sudden passing on of a true legend, Thom Trimble. This has been felt beyond our club as well as the Pacific Association of USATF, as sentiments have been pouring in nationwide.

For the record, Thom Trimble died suddenly of a heart attack while out running In Newhall Park in Concord on Saturday morning of January 3rd. This loss has hit everyone hard and in the worst way.

He is survived by his wife, Mary Lothrop-Trimble, his former wife, Laurie Mathews, and two daughters. They, along with his closest friends in the club, John Monteverdi, Tim Keenan, Carl Rose, Bill Brusher, Jeff Teeters, Rob Elia, Bill Salacuse, Jeff Mann, Matt Bogdanowicz, as well as many of the former club members and younger members are in a profound state of shock and grief.

The word I keep hearing over and over with reference to Thom was “mentor” and he was just that. Thom and John Monteverdi founded the original East Bay Striders in 1983, and Carl Rose became a member in 1985. It became the Pacific Striders in the 1990s and coalesced into the Strawberry Canyon Track Club in 2009. Thom coached the club from 1983-2008 and then Carl Rose took over that role so he could spend more time with his family. Thom also wrote the dry and witty race write-ups that only he could create. His creative genius and dry wit will be sorely, sorely missed.

Thom was a very devoted family man who went to virtually every soccer game and track meet his daughters competed in. Not a bad word has been spoken about Thom.

Thom was also a fierce competitor, having run a 1:09.28 at the SF Home Depot Half Marathon in 1991, which still stands as our club record. Thom was also a monster, particularly in cross country races. He ran a 2:48 marathon at Cal International marathon at age 50.

Thom’s health was always very sound, excepting a spate of running-related injuries. Still, being lean, active and trim and with a happy and positive attitude, this took us all by surprise.

So our advice to all masters runners is PLEASE GO AND GET YOURSELVES CHECKED OUT!

This terrible news has shaken every member of our club to the core. It particularly affects his family as his daughters will now be without a father, and his wife will now be widowed. We are beyond grief-stricken and don’t really know quite how to memorialize a true legend. But one thing is – Thom was a competitor till the end. His last email to me (coach) was a link on how to improve hamstring strength to prevent injuries, which was something he had been coping with. I received this two days before he passed.

RIP Thom Trimble. We lost a great friend, coach, mentor, father figure, and your void will be irreplaceable. If anyone is interested in any sort of a fundraiser, contributions can be made to the Thom Trimble Memorial Fund for the education of his daughters (Wells Fargo Bank account #5242617735).


Humboldt Half Marathon, 2011.

NorCal10, 2012

The master’s gang at the NorCal 10 miler, 2012.

Trimble - 4th in 50-54 10,000m

USATF club track nationals. Thom finished 4th in 50-54 10,000m!

3/10 – Tough Day at Davis

Aggie Open 5KResults

Hola Canyoneros

Nine Berries went to run at the UC Davis Aggies Invite and it ended up being a wind-blown affair which threw times and races off-kilter.

Mei-tung Chen opened up most optimistically, running a 19:52.32 5000 in the wind, wisely tucking in behind a De Anza runner for the majority of the race and somehow managing a 26-second PR, and this was the race of the day for the Canyon.

The breeze kicked up a notch for the men’s 5000, which was a bit disappointing for the athletes who put themselves out there on the line. Perhaps it was a combination of the wind, some poor coaching on my part, feeling under-the-weather, some were not in shape yet, not enough sleep or hydration, etc., whatever it was, some little things added up and four runners ran a good 40-60 seconds slower than their projected ability. (Rory Runser 16:20, Dayu Tao 16:40, Gene Burinsky 16:47, and Jonathan Nolasco 17:25).

With that out of the way the 1500 came next. Jonathan McKinley showed flashes of speed and ran a 4:11.18, his fastest time of the year. I think he will be sub-4:00 before the season is said and done. Irtaza Haider ran a 4:21.15, almost five full seconds off his PR, but probably a stronger performance than his actual PR given the wind.

The 800s came later in the day and both Niko Conner and Brandon Reyes were buffeted by the wind, pulling 2:06 marks. It was Niko’s first track race in many seasons, so he was blowing off the rust, but Brandon got boxed in by a pesky orange-singleted runner and was thrown off his game somewhat. It was a learning experience to be sure as middle-distance races can be characterized by some annoying pushing and shoving tactics.

Anyhow, thank you all for going to that meet and giving it the old college try. We may reconsider this venue next year, as both Davis and Sacramento have proven to be risky in terms of the windy weather for us. And if that many of us were flat, I will certainly need to consider backing some of you off on the workouts a bit between now and the end of the season.




3/3 – NorCal 10 Mile Results


At the Nor Cal 10-mile in Redding our masters team sent seven competitors and came away with a solid second place team finish. It would seem that our team scorers all ran strong races.

Bill Reed edged out Tim Keenan for the third seniors spot. Bill ran 59:50 and Tim ran 59:55 in warm conditions, over a minute faster than Tim ran in 2012.

Bill Salacuse ran arguably his best race as a masters runner with a great 62:16 mark. Thom Trimble is marching along on the comeback trail, claiming the 9th senior spot with a time of 63:37. Alan Dehlinger rounded out the scoring. Jeff Teeters jogged in with a sore hamstring and Rick Massey also finished.

- Carl

12/8 – Secretary Leefer Scores Noble Victory

It is proper and indeed healthy for the spirit of any nobleman or noblewoman to engage the peasantry on rare occasions. However, one must always maintain such boundaries as befit one’s standing in society. So demonstrated Nathan Leefer on this sunny Saturday at the “Hark the Herald Angels 12K,” gamely pacing with the peasantry for 11.8 kilometers before distancing the fittest of his companions by forty seconds in the final two hundred meters. A fine victory, earned true and straight!

1. Nathan Leefer    46:18.9

2. Everyone else    Slower


9/23 – Golden Gate XC

The Strawberry Canyoneros sent 11 rock-and-rollers to the Golden Gate Park cross country race where they encountered a deep field in all races. Mei Tung-Chen continued her Ms. Consistency streak with a solid 27:46 mark on the undulating 4.14-mile two-loop course in the women’s race.

The men’s masters race had two Berries, including new Canyonero Kevin Downie who hails from Scotland. He went out very hard but did not finish, and we’re still trying to sort out what happened to him (possible strain).

Bill Brusher hammered home as the 3rd (or thereabouts) 60-64 age grouper in about 29:00 and change.

The open men brought eight to the line and ended up 6th overall in a field that may have been more stacked than last year’s PA-USATF championships. Sean McFarland paced the men, and the men’s team took sixth. Ghiliat Ghebray won the overall race in 19:47.

Our open men’s results are below:

23. Sean McFarland (21:20)

31. Kyle Braam (21:50)

41. Tom Haxton (22:26)

42. Christoph Wanner (22:31)

46. Rory Runser (22:42)

47. Cameron Bronstein (22:43)

48. Dayu Tao (22:45)

51. Jack Wallace (22:56-ish)

67. Bernie Jones (24:17)