07/14 – Mealy Wins 5K in Ireland

Sam Mealy - Kilmore 5KI hope you’re all well and running like gazelles in what is no doubt brilliant Californian sunshine, I’m a little bit jealous to be honest…
Just a quick update from Ireland – it’s been a good week for me: last Wendesday I lowered my 1500m pb to 4.07 and then on Saturday I won a small 5k road race in 15 26 (attached is a photo I think you’ll like, only one I could find). Pity I wasn’t running like that in the spring but that’s life I suppose. I’m doing one more 5k on the track, gunning for around 15 15, and then I’m heading to mainland Europe in August for a month or so for German beer and Croatian beaches, should be swell.
Oh, and for a 10 euro entry fee for that 5k, I won 100 euro, which is about 130 dollars these days – so it’s definitely worth a SCTC running holiday to Ireland, you’d nearly pay for the trip in race wins alone! Do let me know if you’re ever in this part of the world, I’d be delighted to have people to stay with me in Dublin or Wexford.

07/10 – World Masters Day 2, USATF Club Nationals

We had some competitors competing in very high-level meets this weekend.

Paul Coover ran at the USATF Club National Championships in New York City. He placed 16th overall in the 800 with a time of 1:58.63.

Not to be outdone, the old ‘uns competed at the IAAF WORLD Championships in Sacramento.

For these 5000-meter races held at Sac City College’s track the conditions were hot and windy for our guys’ heats.

Thom Trimble was in the second 50-54 heat of the 5000 and came in 9th overall with a time of 18:40.02 (24th overall).

Tim Keenan ran his 45-49 heat, also the second heat, and finished in 17:21.98 (third overall in his heat). He was 18th overall in his age group.

Nick Bingham had a very strong race in the 40-44 age group category and was 7th overall in 16:17.42.

Later that evening the action moved over to Sacramento State University’s track. Jeff Mann looked superb and rocked the semi-final of the 800 45-49 age group, popping a strong 2:04.86 mark, taking third overall in his heat and qualifying for the final round of the 800.

Matt Bogdanowicz ran in a loaded 40-44 heat and came in at 9th place with a 2:05.1 or a few hundredths less. He went out a little hard and had to fight his way home.

That’s about all I have for everyone for tonight. Just got in and my pillow is looking like a highly viable option at this point.


07/09 – World Masters Day 1

Hi All,

Results from today in Sacramento, 800 qualifiers. In each heat, the top 3 go through plus the 6 best times.  Sorry if I missed anybody but these are the times I know of today:


17 Bogdanowicz, Matthew     M42 United States          2:06.12q


12 Mann, Jeff               M48 United States          2:12.06Q


41 MacLeod, Ian             M51 United States          2:40.82


39 Brusher, Bill            M59 United States          2:52.60

Matt went through to the second round comfortably on time, coming in 5th in his heat in a strong group with the top 3 in his heat at 2:02.+ with Heilpern #1 overall at 2:02.64.  Matt had a strong second lap to make up a gap between him and the leaders.  He should be in a good position to go through to the final with a strong race in the semifinal.

Jeff qualified comfortably as well, even though coming off a reduced training month due to a hammie strain at the San Rafael mile.  The first lap was slow, Jeff and the leaders at about 70 s. but he picked it up considerably in the second lap running a very fast 62 s. to slot in easily at third.

Perhaps unwisely, but I couldn’t resist, I decided to race after not training for the last month and a half due to a sore hamstring.  I had a great warm up, doing several all out sprints to test the legs, which felt fine, so I decided to go for it.  I had the bad luck of being in heat 6 of my age group, so I had to spend about 40 minutes in the call area waiting for my heat to start, during which everything stiffened up a bit.  I ran the first lap fairly slowly, about 70 s. and was thinking about making a move on the backstretch to at least make things respectable when I got another twinge in my left hammie as I was passing the guy in front of me, so instantly backed off and basically jogged into the finish and walked across the finish line.  Damn!  I wasn’t even winded!  After looking over the final results in my age group, with some guys qualifying at 2:18+ and another heat with the top 3 guys coming in at 2:28+, I figured that on a normal day with healthy legs, it wouldn’t  have been too hard to qualify for round two.

Bill had a tough race too, fighting a sore achilles, but is still eager to come back for the 1500 in the coming week.  Like he said, a year ago he was battling cancer, and is just happy to be here, so we are all proud of him for hanging in there!

Overall, despite my anemic result, this is the best meet I have ever participated in.  The atmosphere is great, the events run like clockwork, it is fun rubbing shoulders with terrific, passionate athletes from around the world who are the world’s best, I got to practice my rudimentary Spanish with a runners from Spain and Chile, and had lots of other convivial interactions with English-speaking athletes from around the world.  I also had the privilege of meeting the legendary Nolan Shaheed, who, judging from my short conversation with him, is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

Who is up for Brazil in 2013?!