4/1 Berry Seniority Rules at SacTown

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by Thom Trimble

We’re not getting older… no wait… We are; but we’re not getting a heck of a lot slower! While our top seniors may all be AARP-eligible, that acronym must stand for Another Amazing Race Performance!

Four guys, all over 50 and all averaging close to 60 minutes for 10 miles. All without losing a single tennis ball off the bottoms of their walkers! This ain’t your daddy’s weekend stroll baby!

While the Berry Masters have typically been the headliners at most races, SCTC finally got a chance to flaunt their seniors. With enough 40-49 guys to handle the scoring for the masters, the 50+ guys were able to fly alone. Not only did they win by nearly 6 minutes they went 1-2-3-4 in the 50-54 division (double take!)

The SacTown 10 was truly a 10 as far as most races go. Not only was it pancake flat (maybe a couple small blueberries) and somewhat interesting view-wise, but mother nature brought her “A” Game too. Perfect weather, thank you ma’am. The top-flight fields egged everyone on to some spiffy times also. If it did not start and finish in the same spot you’d be guessing some tail winds or down hills had some part in the speediousity. Fast as in 47:37 for the winner, and 3 more guys in the 48s! First woman was under 57 also. Smokin!

As expected, the Berry Amazing Win Streak of the masters squad came to an end. Even with our top 5 guys we still had to bow down to a nasty, home-team Rebels squad. We would have squeaked out a second, with a couple 50s drop downs, but this day belonged to the ever-deserving senior team. Over 200 years of team at that! The masters still put up some good times, led by Jeff Mann’s club-leading 58:15. Matt Bogdanowicz, who rarely ventures past the 5K mark, nearly addeded a sub-60 shirt to his wardrobe; Running 10 miles in waffle racers (on a pancake course!) was “not a good idea”, Matt uttered after the race. Beats spikes.

Completing the 40-49 team, and all finishing within a minute of each other were Steve Kraft (62:17), Mike Singleton (62:48) and Bill Salacuse (63:11). This was Steve’s first PA race (non-relay) for the club since 2010. Mike got some payback on Bill after getting nipped by him at the 12K, but Bill was all smiles anyway, with a lifetime 10 mile PR!

The seniors were the story however. Tim Keenan took the gold medal in the 50-54 class with a great comeback time (59:07) from his disappointing NorCal effort. His main competition came from teammate Barry Smith, not far behind in 59:33. The third man on the team was a surprise – Chatham Ross – who has been on injured-reserve since the end of the 2010 XC season. This was Chatham’s first PA road race since 2006! Jeff Teeters was right on Chatham’s heels into the chute, to finish out the scoring team.

Other Berries not fortunate enough to sneak onto a scoring team included Dan Sivolella (63:19), Thom Trimble (64:39), coach Carl Rose (67:44) and Joerg Herbrechtsmeier (76:26).

1 Strawberry Canyon TC, 4:02:14
20 Points ($150)

Tim Keenan, 50 - 0:59:13
Barry Smith, 52 - 0:59:39
Chatham Ross, 53 - 1:01:38
Jeff Teeters, 52 - 1:01:44

4 Strawberry Canyon TC, 5:07:34
14 Points

Jeff Mann, 48 - 0:58:21
Matt Bogdanowicz, 43 - 1:00:57
Steven Kraft, 48 - 1:02:17
Michael Singleton, 41 - 1:02:48
Bill Salacuse, 44 – 1:03:11

More photos at:

The Blues Brothers – Kraft, Sivolella and Ross