10/21 – Humboldt Half Marathon

The Humboldt Half Marathon was a journey unto itself as a small band of warriors made the trek to the pristine redwood forests of Weott to test their mettle against the PA-USATF’s best distance runners. Alan Dehlinger and Mike Singleton get special mention for making the long journey from Reno and Modesto (respectively) all by their lonesome, incurring both significant expense and driver’s fatigue. Way to represent, gentlemen! I would also like to thank Irene Graham for making the trip over to cheer on the Canyoneros as she had gone up north to visit her boyfriend.

Most of us went to Sicilito’s for pasta the evening before, and it must be pointed out that it took 75 minutes to get food on the table despite the fact the place was not that full. Of course, growing and processing the wheat into flour for the pasta orders does take some time. Disgruntled but enjoying one-anothers’ company, the Canyoneros persevered in the wake of this hardship and readied themselves for the next morning’s ambulation through the towering redwoods.

The Gullikson clan, Papa Eric, and his two daughters opted to camp out. Apparently they slept in a little late and had to rush to the starting line. In the 5K, Julia Gullikson cruised to a 19:41 (chip time) for second in her age group. Her younger sister, Leanne Gullikson ran 23 minutes and she is only 14, so it looks like the Gullikson pipeline might be alive and well for a few more years.

The half-marathon dawned crisp and clear in the 40s. Tim Keenan had a very strong run but went out a few seconds too quickly and may have missed out on a sub 1:18, instead rolling in with a 1:18.20 mark, good for second seniors runner (50-54) overall. New women’s team member Katy Hollbacher looked to be running well, about 1:23 pace, when she had to pull off to the side of the road with a strained hamstring. Her day went from relative joy to stark disappointment in an instant, and we hope it wasn’t too serious as hamstrings have been a recent club nemesis of sorts.

Following Tim K. on the masters team was speedy masters blaster Mike Singleton, who ran his best race of the year, charging across the line in a smokin’ time of 1:21.25.

Third across the line for the men in blue was Barry Smith, who was testing out a gimpy hamstring, and he ran right around 1:26. Alan Dehlinger was next in 1:27.low with a good run for him. Eric Gullikson came in after that with a time of 1:32.low to round out the masters scoring team. Carl Rose (1:33.00-flat) and Steve Trutane (1:35.23) also finished the race for the Canyon masters team.

It appears the masters men took second behind NB Excelsior, or possibly third if the River City Rebels fielded a complete team. There was only one Aggie and the Pamakids appeared to field a “B” team.


10/16 – Shoreline XC

The Shoreline XC results are up and the open men’s team finished third behind the ASICs Aggies and an improved NB Silicon Valley squad. Twelve runners made the jaunt to Mountain View (me in the old ‘uns race, Julia Gullikson and Mei Tung-Chen in the women’s race, and nine lads in the open men’s race). Most runners ran strong races for the Canyoneros. The altered course was a little more challenging in previous years, with some sharp, sketchy descents.

Open/Masters Women (3.0 miles)

21. Julia Gullikson (19:02) 1st 0-19F age group

27. Mei Tung-Chen (19:26) an outright PR as her 5K PR was 20:18.

Masters/Seniors men (4.0 miles)

55. Carl Rose (27:09)

Open Men (4.0 miles)

15. Sean McFarland (20:19)

18. Kyle Braam (20:38), a very strong race for Kyle, who has been doing every run with Sean McFarland. Congratulations to both of you guys.

22. Rory Runser (21:31) 1st 0-19M age group, 15 seconds better than 2011

23. Christoph Wanner (21:35), his best race of the year for us.

24. Dayu Tao (21:49), he is so very consistent for us.

28. Irtaza Haider (22:12) 2nd 0-19M age group, 7 seconds better than 2012 and recently finished Ramadan.

30. Greg Timblin (22:21), a very controlled effort, and it was great to see him back from a long, debilitating injury.

33. Niko Conner (23:03), he is still coming around

36. Josh Seeherman (23:29), this quietly may have been Josh’s best distance race ever. Superb run.

Below is a link to the results:


Also congratulations to Tim Keenan, who blasted a 16:56 5K at the Primo’s 5K in San Ramon over the weekend. You young bloods have been getting him fit! This is good for the No. 2 5K mark all-time in the club for the 50-54 age group. Thom Trimble ran 19:14 in a come back effort.


10/7 – Zalokar Does To Chicago Marathon What A Quality Boot Can Do To A Toadstool

A big huzzah to reigning senior stomper (50-54) Fred Zalokar, who dropped yet another prolific bomb on the age group with an international-class time of 2:35.10 mark at today’s Chicago marathon. He won his division by over 5:00 and this is one of the dozen or so fastest American times ever recorded in that age group. The link to Fred’s stupendous result is here:


Congratulations also to Sarah Syed, who also claimed a nice PR today, completing the Chicago marathon in 3:24.50! Great job, Sarah, you’ve been working at it for a good while now.