9/21 – Open Men 2nd at Garin XC

Today we raced an open men’s team at the Garin cross country race, which is a challenging 3.15 mile course.
Sean McFarland (16:21) paced the men to a second-place team finish behind a deep and powerful West Valley TC squad, finishing 6th overall ahead of the resurgent Dan Chebot (16:33 – 7th).
Dan Duett (12th 16:44) did fairly well, while coming off of a lay-off due to a tight achilles. He was followed by Kris Brown (13th – 16:56) and  Ben Chebot (14th – 17:05). George Torgun (17:17) and Tom Haxton (17:30) rounded out the finisher for the men’s team. Patrick Donnelly lost a shoe early on and had to stop when his feel started to “catch on fire.” This was an intelligent move…and he will be back.
Naomi Wilcox hammered the women;’s race in the most impressive effort of the day for the Strawberry Canyoneers. She finished in a very good time of 20:10 and in 21st in the deep women’s field. Kimberly Sanchez also had a good day, finishing the challenging course in 21:10 (36th place), which is her best race of the year so far.
And the club made it through the cool down and into their vehicles before the semi-torrential rains hit too. Nicely done!


9/15 – Dayu and Mei in Philly!

Of note this weekend, Dayu Tao and Mei Tung-Chen traveled east to Philly for their Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon. Dayu ran 1:16.17 which is a little faster than his SF Giants half earlier this summer. It was Mei who stole the show today, with a monstrous 4-and-a-half minute PR. She blew across the line in 1:28.22 so congratulations to Met on an excellent PR.

No word yet on whether she dropped Rocky Balboa at Mile two or Mile three. =)




9/9 – Golden Gate Open And More

Hello Canyoneros, Canyoneras and everything in between:

We had a number of runners competing at various races over the weekend. Our own Julia Gullikson kicked things off on Friday with her first collegiate cross country race, hosted by Portand State at Blue Lake Park in Troutdale, OR, a scenic and flat gold course about 10-12 miles east of Portland.

Julia is now a walk-on freshman for the University of Portland and she came in 20th overall, and 4th overall for the Portland Pilots, finishing with a strong kick in 17:20 over three other runners including a Univsersity of Oregon runner. Congratulations to Julia!

Tim Keenan and Kevin Downie manhandled the competition at the Walnut Festival 5K and 10K races on Sunday morning in Walnut Creek. Tim took third in the 10K in 35 minutes, 26 seconds, while Kevin snared the masters victory in the 5K with a strong time of16:40.

At Golden Gate Park, the race of the weekend went to the Strawberry Canyon Track Club’s women’s team, which fielded a full team for the first time this season. They were paced by another strong effort from undergraduate phenom Christy Khouderchah, who zipped across the line in 26 minutes flat, good for 22nd place. Maria Monks took 24th in 26:32, indicating she is starting to get back into shape. Mei Tung-Chen had the best race of the day for the ladies, and prbably had the best race of the weekend outright. She beat last year’s time on that course by over a minute (62 seconds) and barreled across the line in a speedy 26:44 (31st place). Margot Hutchins battled an achy quad and held on for 27:24 (39th-place). Rounding out the scoring team was Kimberly Sanchez-Diaz in 29:08 (64th place). Eva Luu added some insurance, by getting in a tempo-ish 30:08 effort (74th place).

The old ‘uns toed the line next, and Thom Trimble cruised to a 25:57 mark finishing 16th in his 50-59 age group. Bill Brusher finished in 31:46 and represents the 60-69 y/o age group.

In the men’s open race four brave souls (ahem! five to score) lined up to test themselves against the best the PA has to offer. Dan Chebot had his second strong performance in two weeks with an 11-th place finish and notched an impressive 21:32. Mr. Konsistency aka Kris Brown followed 15 seconds back in 21:47 (16th-place), showing gradual improvement with each race. Watch out for him! Dan’s little brother Ben Chebot took 28th in 22:40 and is still battling himself back into shape. And we were all happy to see the return of Dayu Tao, who ran 23:30 (33rd place).

(I’m sure I probably missed something, somewhwere). Still, nice work, everyone!



9/1 – “I Had No Idea”

Hey Everyone,

Was another fun weekend for the crew making the trip up to Sacramento for the Rebel Rebellion XC race.

In the Land of the Lost, Anne Ruminski served as the sole representative for the women (GET IT TOGETHER GIRLS!) coming in 22nd with a time of 20:20. Nice job Anne!
Unfortunately, the men (Dan C., Sean, Jack, Ben, Old Man Runser, and Dan A.) had to wait until 10:30 for their race start, and things really started to get steamy. In a rather small field, the Berry Boys did their best:
Dan C – 3rd 22:41
Sean – 4th 22:45
Ben C – 17th 24:36
Jack – 18th 24:41
Rory “Old Man” Runser – 26th 26:59*
Dan A – 27th 27:37
*Rory admitted to learning his lesson, and will not be staying up until 3 AM putting together a 1000 piece puzzle of the periodic table in the future.

The day was not yet done, however, as the team plunged into the heart of downtown Sacramento to visit Jim Denny’s, previously featured on Man vs. Food. Among the group, 4 Hubcaps were ordered (pancakes literally the size of a small child … see picture with hungry munchkin for scale), and no Hubcaps were finished.
Despite the gustatory defeat, the trip was a resounding success for the club. Thanks to all who came along! For those of you interested in competing at Golden Gate Park next week, I’ll send an e-mail to the competition list shortly (if you’re not on it and want to be, LET ME KNOW!).