12/31 – 2019 SCTC Year in Review

2019 was yet another banner year for the Strawberry Canyon Track Club, which saw 20 new club records set in events ranging from the 110 hurdles all the way to the marathon. Beyond these marks, some of the most notable achievements included Megan Gentes and Julia Sizek securing US Olympic Marathon Trials qualifying standards during their debuts at the Chicago Marathon, and the Open Men’s team claiming their first ever PAUSATF Road Grand Prix title for their strong team outings in the 14 race, year-long road race circuit. Of course we also cannot overlook the truly inspiring and hard fought races, massive PRs, and next-level breakthroughs for many Berries in track, road, and cross country races throughout the year.

Below, Julia Sizek recaps the record-breaking times and adds a few shout-outs for some other exceptional performances.

Men’s Track Highlights:

Sprints: Andrew Orellana gets two club records in the 200 (22.54) and 400 (50.02), while the men deepen the field in the 200 with the top 4 all time performances in 2019! (Noah Shamsai 23.89, Stephen Bailey 24.04, Chongdu Xu 24.73). Stephen Bailey continues to improve in the hurdles with two new club records (110H 16.01, 400H 56.57).

Club record count: 4

Middle/Long Distance: Steve Correa takes home the club record in the 1500 (3:49.09) with John Hogan close behind at #2 (3:51.11). Hogan (twist!) gets the club record in the 1600, at 4:11.25 (converted from mile time), but Correa gets 2 on the all-time 800m list with a 1:54.59. Not to be outdone, David White gets the #2 seniors time with 4:36.67 in the 1600.

In the 3k, Harmen Hoek gets the new club record (8:26.37), and Hogan and Correa snatch 1 and 2 spots in the 3200 (9:00.32, 9:13.14).

On the track, Jonathan Briskman takes home the 10k club record in 31:03.

A notable performance in the 5k: Bernat Masvidal takes the #6 all-time performance in the 5k (14:51.2).

Club record count: 5

Womens Track Highlights

Middle Distance/Long Distance: Elizabeth Ordeman takes the #1 time in the women’s 1500 (4:38.19) and the second-fastest time in the women’s 5k (17:09.45).

Phoebe Johannsen takes the #1 time in the 3k steeplechase (11:05).

Club Record count: 2

Masters Women Road Highlights

Vanessa Lordi takes home the club record for the masters road mile in 5:43. In the Masters Plus division, Kathleen Ruffle takes home the #2 time at 5:59.

Club Record Count: 1

Open Women Road Highlights

In the 5k, Phoebe Johannsen is tied for #1 at 18:03. Michell Sumner and Jackie Davis take #12 and #14 at 19:00 and 19:07.

Shellin takes the #2 spot in the 10k (38:00) on her way to a PR in the marathon later in the season.

In the 10 mile and half marathon, Julia and Megan G go 1 and 2 (10 mile: 57:56, 58:22; Half 1:17:21, 1:19:59). Sarah Klass gets the #5 spot (1:02:57).

In the marathon, the team remade the top of the list with Megan G at #2 (2:41:03), Julia at #3 (2:41:58), Regina at #4 (2:45:44), Sarah Klass at #8 (2:55:53), Shellin at #9 (2:57:52). and Megan L at #11 (3:00:59).

Record Count: 3

Mens Road Highlights

Masters Men Mile

Ed Hill takes the #2 spot in the masters men all-time list (4:38).

Open Men

In the road mile, we had a bunch of athletes add themselves to the top 10, including Kyle Bystrom at our new club record of 4:17.8, Matt Tarduno close behind at #2 (4:20.9), and Cielo Aguilar at #9 (4:30.7).

In the men’s 5k, Ryan Smith added himself to the list at #6 (15:23), only to get the club record in the 10 mile at 50:31. Kenny Rayner got the #4 spot at 51:48.

In the mens half, Jonathan Briskman and Kenny Rayner go 1-2 with 1:06:25 and 1:08:20.

In the men’s marathon, we went 1-2-3 with Jonathan Briskman (2:19:12), Ryan Smith (2:19:20), and Kenny Rayner (2:22:31), and Collin Jarvis rounded out our top 10 with 2:27:29.

At Bay to Breakers in May, the club fielded two team in the Centipede division, in which each team consists of 13+ people connected together by bungee cords. The open men’s centipede this year secured a new club record with a time of 42:29 on the hilly 12k course, finishing 3rd overall as a team.

Club Records: 5

Congratulations everyone on a year well done, and be sure to congratulate everyone on their performances in the new year!