11/07/10 – Salacuse Runs NYC Marathon

Bill Salacuse competed in this weekend’s New York City Marathon and had a tough experience. He wrote the following overview below: “I was done in by a combination of poor tactics and blisters (both feet). While my early 5k splits look even enough my mile spits ranged from 7:03 to 6:30 over the first 25k so all the bouncing around really took a toll. When I realized I was going too fast I slowed too much and had to pick it back up again, etc. “Perhaps I shouldn’t have looked at mile splits. The groups I tried to join also seemed too fast or too slow. Obviously I need to train a lot more at my target pace and have much to learn about proper pacing. “Blisters erupted at 16 miles I think due to all the turns on the course. (i wore the same model shoe for both of my marathons this summer with nowhere near this kind of damage). “The last 10k were pure hell; I had to dig very deep just to get in under 3:10. On a positive note it was an unforgettable experience and an incredibly well-organized event given the scale. I will definitely be back!

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