11/06/10 – President Joe 25th at World 100K

Embedded below is a link to Joe Binder’s incredible 100K race result from the Island nation of Gibraltar where he represented the United States in the IAU World 100K championships, helping the American men’s team win an amazing silver medal! In an attempt to follow him on-line, in its spotty coverage (at times), I saw Joe Binder at a late-race split in 30th place and getting passed to 31st with less than 90 minutes to go. I presumed the worst…that Joe had given it his all but was fading and hanging on.

Boy was I wrong.

Apparently El Joe, as he is wont to do, ratcheted it up a notch or two and passed some tiring guys. In fact, Joe was racing right until the end. He edged out 26th place by 5 seconds, a smaller margin than most of us managed to accumulate in last weekend’s 6K cross country race over the next runner. It was a remarkable…superhuman effort. Lest we forget Joe was 25th in the WORLD in the World IAU 100K championships and he earned with the team a silver medal for the United States. I don’t have the words to convey what an accomplishment this is for him and the Berries. Hopefully when SuperPrez recovers from his 10-mile cool-down he will give us a more detailed race report.

Yeah, that was a joke…sort of…or maybe not.

Results here

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