12/19 – SCTC December Board Meeting Minutes + 2014 officer elections

Dear Strong Strawberries and Clever Canyons,

Here are the minutes from the recent club board meeting, attended by me, Sean, Digger, Tim, and Coach Carl. Of note, we had “elections”! Following the  mandates of the Binder Carta Libertatum, “the club leadership (‘Board’) puts forth an endorsed slate candidates based on member interest and discussion; the full membership (almost all of whom are represented on our wider Google Group) then have an opportunity to comment/challenge/object.”  The nominees for for officer positions in 2014 are:

President: David Yu

Vice President: Josh Seeherman

Secretary: Sean McFarland

Treasurer: Tim Keenan

The comments are welcome through the end of 2013 (email to any of the present board members); if there are no objections, the nominees will assume office in January.

Also, please note that there was no candidate for VP at the meeting, so, in order to satisfy the USATF’s requirement of four officers, we decided to keep Josh’s name in that spot until someone volunteers. So, if you’re interested in getting involved and would like Josh’s very pretty officer hat, let me know!

The other important discussion was, and please don’t panic, the possibility of a merger of SCTC with West Valley TC, raised by Mark McManus at the nationals after party. It’s a very vague idea at the moment, and you can find some of our talking points in the detailed minutes below. This is obviously a controversial idea, so give it some thought, and we’ll try to organize a forum for discussion amongst ourselves and with WVTC.

– David

• Elections

• David breaks Digger’s legs for real this time, throw his body into the Aquatic Park, and becomes president.

• Sean’s role as the puppetmaster behind the throne is formalized as “secretary”.

• Tim remains the best treasurer ever.

• Josh is nominated to stay as VP (with no responsibilities assumed), until somebody (anybody!) expresses interest in the position.

• How about we don’t have elections during finals week next time?!

• Possible club merger with West Valley TC

• There is a ton of discussion to be had here.

• Pros:

• Filling out membership. We would be able to score a team in basically every division.

• Women’s team would be able to score at basically every race.

• We have the senior squad, and they have the masters squad; our seniors would be able actually to run as seniors.

• Flexibility to sit out races, no pressure to score all the time.

• Carl’s coaching base would vastly increase.

• Brooks  Adidas sponsorship

• We may have to have this discussion anyways in one year, depending on our club’s membership/leadership situation. Generally speaking, with a large fraction of somewhat transient students, is the club sustainable? Specifically, David and Sean are both likely leaving Berkeley in 12-18 months; other people should volunteer for officer roles!

• Is now the best time to act?

• Longer term: with such a large club, could we start thinking bigger, a la NYRR?

• Cons:

• Retaining our identity. In blunt terms, is this a merger or a takeover? Would we become West Valley, West Canyon, Strawberry Valley, …?

• It’s unlikely WV would change a name. They are rather larger and older than us (and even the Striders).

• Avoid marginalization. We would have many more members than scorers at any given race.

• Officer situation with such a large club. Tim objects to being a treasurer of a 500 person club.

• Details

• What the hell is the west valley?

• We would definitely keep an identity as “the running club in Berkeley,” with the same workout regime and Carl as coach.

• Action

• Obviously, lots of discussion needs to take place within the club. Once we have an idea of our position, we would WVTC over for a meeting, each of us bringing a proposal to the table. Afterwards, we can refine our outlook, and gauge final interest from the club membership.

• Recent Race Results

• Yeah, let’s just not mention USATF XCs…

• (Richie did good)

• (Bend is nice)

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