Thom Trimble RIP 1959-2015


From the PAUSATF website: “Thom Trimble at the 2009 California International Marathon where, at age 50, he finished in 2:48.”

Our club has been absolutely devastated by the sudden passing on of a true legend, Thom Trimble. This has been felt beyond our club as well as the Pacific Association of USATF, as sentiments have been pouring in nationwide.

For the record, Thom Trimble died suddenly of a heart attack while out running In Newhall Park in Concord on Saturday morning of January 3rd. This loss has hit everyone hard and in the worst way.

He is survived by his wife, Mary Lothrop-Trimble, his former wife, Laurie Mathews, and two daughters. They, along with his closest friends in the club, John Monteverdi, Tim Keenan, Carl Rose, Bill Brusher, Jeff Teeters, Rob Elia, Bill Salacuse, Jeff Mann, Matt Bogdanowicz, as well as many of the former club members and younger members are in a profound state of shock and grief.

The word I keep hearing over and over with reference to Thom was “mentor” and he was just that. Thom and John Monteverdi founded the original East Bay Striders in 1983, and Carl Rose became a member in 1985. It became the Pacific Striders in the 1990s and coalesced into the Strawberry Canyon Track Club in 2009. Thom coached the club from 1983-2008 and then Carl Rose took over that role so he could spend more time with his family. Thom also wrote the dry and witty race write-ups that only he could create. His creative genius and dry wit will be sorely, sorely missed.

Thom was a very devoted family man who went to virtually every soccer game and track meet his daughters competed in. Not a bad word has been spoken about Thom.

Thom was also a fierce competitor, having run a 1:09.28 at the SF Home Depot Half Marathon in 1991, which still stands as our club record. Thom was also a monster, particularly in cross country races. He ran a 2:48 marathon at Cal International marathon at age 50.

Thom’s health was always very sound, excepting a spate of running-related injuries. Still, being lean, active and trim and with a happy and positive attitude, this took us all by surprise.

So our advice to all masters runners is PLEASE GO AND GET YOURSELVES CHECKED OUT!

This terrible news has shaken every member of our club to the core. It particularly affects his family as his daughters will now be without a father, and his wife will now be widowed. We are beyond grief-stricken and don’t really know quite how to memorialize a true legend. But one thing is – Thom was a competitor till the end. His last email to me (coach) was a link on how to improve hamstring strength to prevent injuries, which was something he had been coping with. I received this two days before he passed.

RIP Thom Trimble. We lost a great friend, coach, mentor, father figure, and your void will be irreplaceable. If anyone is interested in any sort of a fundraiser, contributions can be made to the Thom Trimble Memorial Fund for the education of his daughters (Wells Fargo Bank account #5242617735).


Humboldt Half Marathon, 2011.

NorCal10, 2012

The master’s gang at the NorCal 10 miler, 2012.

Trimble - 4th in 50-54 10,000m

USATF club track nationals. Thom finished 4th in 50-54 10,000m!

4 thoughts on “Thom Trimble RIP 1959-2015

  1. Hello friends of Thom,
    I realise it is now 6 months since Thom passed away,
    I am Robert Watt born in Co. Tyrone, Ireland, my mother was Hannah Trimble.
    I have been trying to locate all of the Trimble family members especially those who have an Irish background.
    I know many of the brothers of my ancestors went to America in the 1700 and 1800s, So when you find the appropriate time maybe you would be good enough to pass on my condolences and my email address to the Trimble family so that if they want to contact me they can do so.
    Thank You, From Robert.

  2. Hey Jacqueline. I was not able to respond to this!!! Thank you.

    Robert, Coach Carl Rose here. Email me at coachcarlrose AT gmail DOT com and I can probably put you in touch with some family members. Hope all is well with you and thank you for your kind words.

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for your recent message,

    I hope you are coming to terms with the loss of Thom,

    I have made contact with some distant Trimble cousins in Australia,

    I am still hoping to contact Trimble family members in America.

    Kind regards from Robert.

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