4/17 – 3200m Time Trial

We had a few runners who appeared a little fatigued and mainly used this as a final tune-up and train-through workout for the Brutus Hamilton meet a week from Friday. Still, a number of Canyoneros and Canyoneras did compete well in tonight’s low-key 3200-meter time trial.

Other than poor Jack flinging his work bag aside and jumping in with literally no warm-up as we were counting down “three, two, one, GO!” this one went off pretty smoothly.

Results as follows: *denotes Cal Triathlon Club; **denotes not (yet) a member
Alex Battaglino 9:37.2
Ryan Smith 9:37.3
Richie LeDonne 9:41.1
*Dennis Roth 9:44.5
*Lauri Takacsi 9:48.0 (PR)
Rory Runser 9:55.3
Abraham Aldaraca 9:55.4 (PR)
**Rodrigo 10:03.2
Steve Bevan-Granger 10:04.3
Justin Huang 10:04.9 (PR)
Jack Wallace 10:11.8 
Megan Gentes 11:45.2
**Olivia 11:49.0
Jason Tyler Lowe 12:00.8 (PR)
Jeff Teeters 12:30.0
Paul Nolan 12:35.0
**Shellin Chuong 12:59.7


7/29 – 3200m Test Yields Club Record!

A number of club members and friends ran tonight’s 3200-meter time trial at Cal’s Edwards track. The runners did not let the fencing in lane two on the home straight bother them, which swung them wide by a few extra meters for good measure.

The highlight had to be Jonathan McKinley’s whopping 34-second PR (which based on his 1500 times, was long overdue and probably in line with where he should be). He crushed a 9:17 and looked like he had more in the tank. William Chen pulled an impressive 9:30, which is the No. 4 club mark all time behind Jonathan, Greg Timblin and Rick Baldocci. Neither has done anything but strong base work and mileage this summer. Wait till they sharpen up then it’s going to get really interesting.

On a unseasonably cool and breezy evening at the track, the guys got after it. Nice work, everyone!

Jonathan McKinley     9:17

William Chen     9:30

Kris Brown     9:49

Jack Wallace     10:28

Brad Afrolian     10:39

Brad Leach 10:50

Brandon Brown 10:52

Justin Huang   10:47

Tim Keenan     11:02