9/21 – Berries run solidly at Garin XC

On a pretty and pleasant fall morning that grew quite warm later, the Canyoneros brought full open men’s and women’s teams to the Garin Park XC Challenge in Hayward. This course is a club favorite, a rollicking 3.15-mile course that everyone always seems to enjoy. Inspired by the promise of post-race burritos at Los Cocos, the men as a whole ran well, and props to Sean McFarland who nailed a course PR by 11 seconds. Still, we came up short of winning outright to the deep ASICs Aggies team and had to settle for second. Also of interest, Ryan Smith, Ed Izaguirre, Brandon Kan and Matt Berberick ran very good times for the course and represent a formidable quartet of Cal undergraduates.

The women did not bring all of their top runners but gave it a game effort, and ended up with a third-place team finish. It also warmed up considerably by the time they had to race and some felt the effects of the heat. Of particular note, Olivia Hill fared quite well in the women’s race and Kimberly Sanchez turned in a breakthrough performance.

A couple of masters runners (seniors) who raced in the codgers race were in the mix as well, including coach Carl, but they did not field a full team.

Masters men (3.15 miles)

Scott Strait 20:29
Carl Rose 21:25

Open Men (3.15 miles)

4. Sean McFarland 16:03
8. Ryan Smith 16:35 (1st 1-19)
10. Ed Izaguirre 16:43
14. Brandon Kan 16:56 (2nd 1-19)
16. Matt Berberick 17:02 (3rd 1-19)
18. Alex Battaglino 17:06
25. Jack Wallace 17:31
27. Abraham Aldaraca 17:43
35. Matt Weber 19:00
37. Daniel Anderson 19:12

Open Women (3.15 miles)

8. Olivia Hill 19:27
13. Megan Gentes 20:10 (1st 1-19)
16. Megan Lang 20:16
21. Kimberly Sanchez 20:36
25. Jennifer Schick 20:39 (2nd 1-19)
34. Camille Plantier 21:39 (3rd 1-19)

9/21 – Open Men 2nd at Garin XC

Today we raced an open men’s team at the Garin cross country race, which is a challenging 3.15 mile course.
Sean McFarland (16:21) paced the men to a second-place team finish behind a deep and powerful West Valley TC squad, finishing 6th overall ahead of the resurgent Dan Chebot (16:33 – 7th).
Dan Duett (12th 16:44) did fairly well, while coming off of a lay-off due to a tight achilles. He was followed by Kris Brown (13th – 16:56) and  Ben Chebot (14th – 17:05). George Torgun (17:17) and Tom Haxton (17:30) rounded out the finisher for the men’s team. Patrick Donnelly lost a shoe early on and had to stop when his feel started to “catch on fire.” This was an intelligent move…and he will be back.
Naomi Wilcox hammered the women;’s race in the most impressive effort of the day for the Strawberry Canyoneers. She finished in a very good time of 20:10 and in 21st in the deep women’s field. Kimberly Sanchez also had a good day, finishing the challenging course in 21:10 (36th place), which is her best race of the year so far.
And the club made it through the cool down and into their vehicles before the semi-torrential rains hit too. Nicely done!