5/11 – Berries Deliver at USF Last Chance meet / Portola 5K / Senior Games

Theraplay 5K

Portola Valley (hilly and competitive PA-USATF road race)

Chafik Azerki 16:28 (3rd 40-49)
Tim Keenan 17:32 (5th 50-59)
Keith Duncan 18:48 (2nd 60-64)
Eric Gullikson 19:35
Jeff Teeters 19:38

University of San Francisco West Coast Last Chance Meet

Cox Stadium at San Francisco State

W 1500 Rebecka Oberg 4:40.48 (club record)
M 1500 Abraham Aldaraca 4:12.43
M 5000 Ryan Smith 14:58.71 (PR) #3 all-time SCTC 5000
M 5000 Alex Battaglino 15:06.21 (PR) #7 all-time SCTC 5000
M 5000 Lauri Takacsi 15:38.55
M 5000 Rory Runser 16:00.88_
Rory and Lauri did a half-ironman the week prior to their race and it took a big bite out of them.

M 4 x 400 team (Abraham, Alex, Lauri, Ryan) 3:58.81 ummm….whelp … #2 all-time SCTC list

Oxy Invite

Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA

W 5000 Megan Lang 18:03.27 #4 all-time SCTC 5000

Seniors Games

Palo Alto, CA

Bill Brusher competed in the 800, winning the 60-64 age group in 2:56.42.

11/28 – McKinley Is Done


As all of us well-educated members of the running community know, Alan Webb is done. So, by the transitive property of temporal greatness, from Jonathan McKinley’s defeat at the 2013 Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, we infer that Jonathan McKinley is done. I’m not sure exactly what he’s done with – his crazy impressive fall season, tearing pages out of our club record book, or maybe running with us washed-up ex-runners (surely Cal has noticed The Man On Fire and his fat, tasty slice of NCAA eligibility) – but his 14:30 is certainly on the shady side of Webb’s 13:57.

Oh wait, Webb is back? Hot diggety, I guess that means Jonathan ran pretty good.

Race Finishers Race Place Bib Name Team Name City Country Age Chip Elapsed Time Pace Division Div Place Gender Gender Place
1 8 DAVID TORRENCE NIKE OAKLAND US 27 00:13:33.849 04:22 Elite Male 1 M 1
2 10 DIEGO ESTRADA ASICS MEXICO 23 00:13:37.952 04:23 Elite Male 2 M 2
3 2 LEONARD KORIR NIKE KENYA 26 00:13:40.441 04:24 Elite Male 3 M 3
4 4 SHADRACK BIWOTT SRA ELITE/ MARATHONGUIDE .COM FOLSOM US 28 00:13:46.817 04:26 Elite Male 4 M 4
5 26 COLE ATKINS ZAP FITNESS/REEBOK BLOWING ROCK US 27 00:13:51.972 04:28 Elite Male 5 M 5
6 14 NELSON OYUGI AMERIKENYAN RUNNING CLUB KENYA 21 00:13:55.679 04:29 Elite Male 6 M 6
7 6 ALAN WEBB NIKE BEAVERTON US 30 00:13:56.164 04:29 Elite Male 7 M 7
8 12 MONDER RIZKI BRUXELLES BELGIUM 34 00:14:03.794 04:31 Elite Male 8 M 8
9 34 RILEY MASTERS BROOKS VEAZIE US 23 00:14:08.482 04:33 Elite Male 9 M 9
10 22 JACOB CHEMTAI AMERIKENYAN RUNNING CLUB KENYA 21 00:14:11.543 04:34 Elite Male 10 M 10
11 16 PHILLIP REID ASICS AGGIE RUNNING CLUB SAN LUIS OBISPO US 28 00:14:13.254 04:35 Elite Male 11 M 11
12 40 CHRIS GOWELL ADIDAS/ROGUEAC GREAT BRITAIN 27 00:14:17.670 04:36 Elite Male 12 M 12
13 38 DEVIN MONSON ROGUE ATHLETIC CLUB AUSTIN US 23 00:14:20.301 04:37 Elite Male 13 M 13
14 30 MATTHEW CLOWES GREAT BRITAIN 23 00:14:20.569 04:37 Elite Male 14 M 14
15 50 MATTHEW MALDONADO UNATTACHED EUGENE US 23 00:14:24.233 04:38 Elite Male 15 M 15
16 44 JESÚS ROMO NEW BALANCE SILICON VALLEY SAN FRANCISCO US 25 00:14:27.003 04:39 Elite Male 16 M 16
18 28 MATT CLEAVER ROGUE AC AUSTIN US 23 00:14:29.195 04:40 Elite Male 18 M 18
19 220 Jonathan McKinley 21 00:14:29.334 04:40 PA/USATF Championship Males 1 M 1
20 204 NOHE LEMA SAN JOSE CA 22 00:14:30.929 04:40 PA/USATF Championship Males 2 M 2
21 208 MALCOLM RICHARDS WEST VALLEY TC SAN FRANCISCO CA 31 00:14:36.536 04:42 PA/USATF Championship Males 3 M 3
22 18 NICHOLAS KIPRUTO KENYA 29 00:14:41.533 04:44 Elite Male 19 M 19
23 56 SERGIO GONZALEZ CALIFORNIA RUNNERS MAMMOTH LAKES US 27 00:14:42.214 04:44 Elite Male 20 M 20
24 42 CARL STONES ROGUE ATHLETIC CLUB AUSTIN US 23 00:14:43.227 04:44 Elite Male 21 M 21
25 36 AUSTIN BUSSING ADIDAS ROGUE AUSTIN US 23 00:14:45.551 04:45 Elite Male 22 M 22

Read more: http://www.letsrun.com/forum/flat_read.php?thread=5508745&page=1#ixzz2m4PebfGM


11/24 – SCTC Represents At Local Half

None of the news roll’s authors were present at the race, so one of the following fine folks should write an article!
Chafik Azerki 1:14.07 (9th overall, 1st master 40-44 AG) Masters PR
Ryan Smith 1:15.26 (15th overall, 1st 19-and-under AG) PR
Andrew Willis 1:15.42 (PR)
Steve Kraft 1:21.16 (1st 50-54 AG) Seniors PR
Justin Huang 1:22.10
Alberto Tempio Bonda 1:28.35
Jan Peters 1:29.10 (PR)
Zachary Stauffer 1:29.36 (PR)
Steve Trutane 1:38.12
Justin Lee 1:43.22
Maria Monks 1:24.37 (8th overall) PR


11/3 – Tamalpa + NYC Marathon

Hello Canyon dwellers!

We had four Strawberry Canyon TC runners head to the Big Apple for a 26.2 bite entree in the form of the New York City marathon (and I do not have any first-hand race reports). However, looking at the athlete trackers, it appears Brandon Brown negative-splitted his way to a really good performance of 2:58.38. He was just ahead of Dayu Tao, who seemed to have some trouble at the end based on his slowing mile splits. Dayu still broke the 3:00 barrier and finished in 2:59.08.

“Modesto Mike” aka Mike Singleton was our lone masters representative and he finished in 3:27.28. Dayu Tao’s better half, Mei Tung-Chen, finished strong in the women’s race and crossed the line in 3:28.17.

We also had ten Canyoneros at the competitive Tamalpa John Lawson Memorial Cross Country Challenge which was moved to an ankle-breaking, hilly 4.16 mile course at China Camp.

In the women’s race, we had two. Kimberly Sanchez was a little ‘off’ from her sterling 2-mile PR on Thursday and finished in 29:27. Sam Adams debuted for the club and took second in the 19 and under age group with her time of 32:43. Let’s try to rally a full team of women for the last two races! (Note from the editor: also, make sure to wake up early enough to do a warmup!)

The masters men’s race was represented by the token Strawberry (me) Coach Carl, who was just not very on and ran a 30:09 with a rather slow last 2K. Cool down was awesome though…and I was thinking we should take the club out there for a long run sometime.

The Strawberry Canyon TC fielded a solid team in the highly competitive open men’s race, which heralded the arrival of a stacked New Balance Silicon Valley men’s team. Amazing what the lure of sponsorship will drag into the fray. Alex Varner (and his West Valley TC mates) won the race outright in 21:03 but he had a string of great runners just behind him.

Jonathan McKinley really stole the show in his first cross country race since high school, as well as coming off of several weeks’ of injury and rehab. He placed fifth in 21:24, edging out 2:15 marathoner Malcolm Richards and hanging tough with some very experienced veterans who have many years and miles on him. For someone so “green” to running that is off-the-charts remarkable.

Dan Chebot delivered another very strong performance for the club in a speedy 22:14. He was just ahead of Sean McFarland (22:20), whose training has been somewhat impacted by academic requirements. Our ultra-runner extraordinaire, Joe Binder, came in just behind Sean in 22:33.

Ben Chebot, he of the impressive locks, closed out the scoring five for the Canyon in a time of 23:12. Jack Wallace ran his best XC race of the season and netted a mark of 23:20, Ryan Smith improved the most in the club from his first race, as the 18-year-old Cal freshman showed promise in the future with a solid 23:49, which took third in his age group.

In fact, it was a day for threes, as it was pretty clear that we took third overall in the open men’s team division. The post-race (beer, bagels) relaxation at Miwok Meadows closed out the morning.


10/20 – 100m Trees, 21.1km Race



This weekend, a small contingent of Strawberries put the “intrepid” in “intrepid,” venturing a hundred miles north to the fantastical Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Six open runners and five masters toed the starting line of the 35th annual Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon, completely missing the point of visiting the tallest trees in the world as they gritted through 13.1 miles with their heads down and eyes pointed not at the majestic canopy, but at the asses of the people ahead of them.

On the open men’s side, Dan Chebot led the way with his 21.1K debut, gritting through a mostly solo race in 1:11:17 for 11th place overall. David Yu followed four minutes later in 1:15:44, failing to treat the run as a long run as might have been smart for running 30 miles a week. Brandon Brown crossed the line in 1:25:08 in preparation for NYC two weeks down the line.

For the open women, Katy Hollbacher avenged her injury from last year with a 1:27:10, good for 25th overall. Naomi Wilcox notched the blingiest hardware of the day, submitting a 1:30:28 to win the really-young-folks division and earn a beer bottle of juice. Kim Sanchez rounded out the women’s side with a great PR of 1:31:37.

As usual, the master’s men won the team award for getting their act together, with a full scoring team of five warriors. Tim Keenan led the way in 1:19:44, finishing third in the senior devision despite being struck down with a sideache and having to walk the last mile. Second in scoring was the only actual master’s division runner Bill Salacuse (1:22:00), followed by Jeff Teeters (1:25:46), Thom Trimble (1:26:45), and Alan Dehlinger (1:37:45). The elder Strawberries finished third in master’s scoring, despite four of five actually being seniors. Actually, if you guys do enter the senior divison, you’d destroy the competition and walk away with a grand…$65.

Nice work to everyone who ran!


DanChebot DavidYuTimKeenan BillSalacuse BrandonBrown JeffTeeters2 ThomTrimble

KatyHollbacher NaomiWilcox KimSanchez Alan


9/15 – Dayu and Mei in Philly!

Of note this weekend, Dayu Tao and Mei Tung-Chen traveled east to Philly for their Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon. Dayu ran 1:16.17 which is a little faster than his SF Giants half earlier this summer. It was Mei who stole the show today, with a monstrous 4-and-a-half minute PR. She blew across the line in 1:28.22 so congratulations to Met on an excellent PR.

No word yet on whether she dropped Rocky Balboa at Mile two or Mile three. =)




9/9 – Golden Gate Open And More

Hello Canyoneros, Canyoneras and everything in between:

We had a number of runners competing at various races over the weekend. Our own Julia Gullikson kicked things off on Friday with her first collegiate cross country race, hosted by Portand State at Blue Lake Park in Troutdale, OR, a scenic and flat gold course about 10-12 miles east of Portland.

Julia is now a walk-on freshman for the University of Portland and she came in 20th overall, and 4th overall for the Portland Pilots, finishing with a strong kick in 17:20 over three other runners including a Univsersity of Oregon runner. Congratulations to Julia!

Tim Keenan and Kevin Downie manhandled the competition at the Walnut Festival 5K and 10K races on Sunday morning in Walnut Creek. Tim took third in the 10K in 35 minutes, 26 seconds, while Kevin snared the masters victory in the 5K with a strong time of16:40.

At Golden Gate Park, the race of the weekend went to the Strawberry Canyon Track Club’s women’s team, which fielded a full team for the first time this season. They were paced by another strong effort from undergraduate phenom Christy Khouderchah, who zipped across the line in 26 minutes flat, good for 22nd place. Maria Monks took 24th in 26:32, indicating she is starting to get back into shape. Mei Tung-Chen had the best race of the day for the ladies, and prbably had the best race of the weekend outright. She beat last year’s time on that course by over a minute (62 seconds) and barreled across the line in a speedy 26:44 (31st place). Margot Hutchins battled an achy quad and held on for 27:24 (39th-place). Rounding out the scoring team was Kimberly Sanchez-Diaz in 29:08 (64th place). Eva Luu added some insurance, by getting in a tempo-ish 30:08 effort (74th place).

The old ‘uns toed the line next, and Thom Trimble cruised to a 25:57 mark finishing 16th in his 50-59 age group. Bill Brusher finished in 31:46 and represents the 60-69 y/o age group.

In the men’s open race four brave souls (ahem! five to score) lined up to test themselves against the best the PA has to offer. Dan Chebot had his second strong performance in two weeks with an 11-th place finish and notched an impressive 21:32. Mr. Konsistency aka Kris Brown followed 15 seconds back in 21:47 (16th-place), showing gradual improvement with each race. Watch out for him! Dan’s little brother Ben Chebot took 28th in 22:40 and is still battling himself back into shape. And we were all happy to see the return of Dayu Tao, who ran 23:30 (33rd place).

(I’m sure I probably missed something, somewhwere). Still, nice work, everyone!



7/21 – San Rafael Road Mile

Some good results from today’s PA-USATF Mile in San Rafael for our masters/seniors runners this morning.

Chris Dodge 4:47 (beasty)

Matt Bogdanowicz 5:01 (strong work and coming back from time out)

Dan Sivolella 5:01 (4th 45-49 all time club list)

Tim Keenan 5:10 (nice coming back from long injury rehab!)

Alan Dehlinger 5:32 (solid seniors time)

Thom Trimble 5:36

Ian MacLeod 5:38?

Jeff Teeters 5:46

Michael Coe won in 4:09. Hope everyone is well.



6/17 – Marathon congrats to Katy and Mei!

Howdy Disciples of the Canyon-

Katy Hollbacher and Mei Tung-Chen competed at the San Francisco Marathon yesterday, and upon perusing the results that was all I could find.

Mei PR’d in the “second” half of the marathon (there were two course choices available) in 1:36.48 for a good half-marathon performance after being overseas for over a month. She finished in 30th overall.

Katy Hollbacher ran the whole marathon and finished in 3:15.05, 11th-place overall. It’s a “Mama” PR as she had a little one some months ago and is just coming back into her fitness.

Please accept my humblest apologies if I missed anyone else.



5/5 – Car(l) Trouble

Hi everyone,

I have a few messages to pass on from adventurer-Carl, who took his Mini on the road this weekend and ended up stranded in this terrible-sounding place called “Los Angeles.”

1. Congratulations to Jon McKinley for setting (another) club record in the 1500m! His 3:58.45 was good for eighth in his heat, and 38/80 overall at the ridiculously stacked Oxy Invite

I think this is the third occasion in a Bubka/Isinbayenva-esque season that the 1500m record has been broken, so way to milk it for all it’s worth, Will and Jon 🙂


2. Results from the Portola 5K are already up at http://www.sml1.com/norcalstat/Other/5k4play13_res.htm. Representing The Canyon in the valley were the usual army of masters, the stalwart Julia, and yours truly:

Name Overall Age Gun time Chip time Pace

Julia Gullikson 19 1 19:30 19:26 6:16


David Yu 12 8 15:52 15:51 5:07

Kevin Downie 28 3 17:05 17:04 5:30

Tim Keenan 38 1 17:29 — —

Dan Sivolella 58 8 18:13 — —

Bill Salacuse 68 9 18:39 — — (were none of you guys wearing chips??)

Thom Trimble 75 7 18:51 — —

Jeff Teeters 78 8 18:56 18:53 6:05

At first glance, it looks like the masters team finished 3rd behind the Aggies and Excelsior, edging out Pamakids.

3. Workouts for the week will be posted here by tomorrow. Carl probably won’t be back in Berkeley by tomorrow evening, so it’s up to your personal discretion how much suffering to inflict on yourself.

Nice work, everyone!