9/27 – Willow Hills Open XC 5K, Men win!

The open men went up to scenic Willow Hills near Folsom and snagged a much-needed team victory to support their PA-USATF Grand Prix points totals, escaping with a close win over SRA Elite on a fairly rugged course. We did not send a full women’s team and one super-senior competed as well.

Here are the results.

Open women

4. Rebecka Oberg 19:22
14. Jennifer Schick 20:10 (2nd 1-19)
31. Shellin Chuong 21:14

Open Men

8. Sean McFarland 16:21
13. Ryan Smith 16:42
19. Stephen Granger-Bevan 17:04
23. Jack Wallace 17:21
33. Matt Weber 17:45
43. Dan Anderson 19:02

Masters men

Bill Brusher 26:22